What exactly is Brain Magic?

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a young princess who had just turned 30, confused and scared about what the future might hold. Would she marry the handsome, eligible prince that her parents set aside for her? Would she go on an adventure, traveling the world on her own? Or would she start a massive corporation that made her a millionaire, so she could buy a giant castle and a fancy golden carriage? The future opened up with so many possibilities, and yet, the princess sat petrified that she would choose the wrong one.

But lo and behold, one day, the princess’ fairy godmother appeared, but she didn’t come with a wand. Instead, she came armed with the power to teach the princess to use her brain magic, believe in herself, and live the life she always dreamed. And since then, the princess has been staying nasty, persisting, reclaiming her time, and all-around showing the world what a smart, accomplished badass she truly is.

Find out how you can tap into your brain magic and take control of your world, just like she did.

What is Brain Magic?

It may sound like just the stuff of our random, feminist fairytales, but everyone has brain magic, and they can use it to do pretty much anything.

Brain Magic (n.): A person’s quasi-supernatural inner brilliance and brainpower, that when believed in and harnessed can be used to improve her life and the lives of others.

Believe us, if you can truly tap into your brain magic, anything is possible.

Where might I have seen Brain Magic before?

Even though Brain Magic is our particular term, plenty of other people use different words to explain this phenomenon.

  • Brainpower
  • Intelligence
  • Smarts
  • Inner power
  • Inner strength
  • Intellect
  • Mental ability
  • Mental capacity
  • Creativity
  • I.Q.

Basically, we’re all talking about the same thing, but using slightly different words. But in classic Sarah and Amanda fashion, we like to make sure our terminology always has a tinge of whimsy. Because we love to make the world feel just a little more magical.

Plus, we want to emphasize that when we’re talking about people with Brain Magic, we’re talking about everyone.

Everyone has Brain Magic inside them, they just need to tap into it.

Even if you haven’t always felt it, you’re smart and brilliant in ways that will make a huge impact on society. Our goal is to help you tap into that magic to make your life and other’s lives more amazing and special. Brain Magic knows no age, gender, race, orientation, or any other category or classification – we all have it. It’s just about tapping into it and figuring out what our magical talents are.

Brain Magic is the intersection of our brilliance and our passions.

One of the reasons we know that everyone has Brain Magic inside them? Because we all have brains, and we all have passions. Passion drives us to do incredible things. So when we allow our smarts to mix together with the things that spark a fire in our heart, magical things happen.

Here at Brain Magic, we’ll be focusing on women in particular.

Since both Amanda and Sarah are ladies, they’ve really picked up on the fact that we need more smart women doing amazing things in this world. We already have TONS, but we want MORE. And until recently, and even sometimes now, women aren’t always valued for their brilliance in the same way that their male counterparts are. We want to change that. So you’ll see that much of our passion and content targets women, because ladies, our Brain Magic is the future!

But don’t worry, most of our advice can and should still apply to the gents in our society, because we want to create a world where everyone celebrates their Brain Magic.

Why now?

We’ll get into more detail about the origins of Brain Magic in our lives at a later date, but in summary, we’ve lately noticed that in our society, intelligence isn’t valued. Being “smart” or “intellectual” have started to become dirty words in some circles, and we find that women get criticized for being too smart or outspoken or, dare we say, shrill. We think this is the perfect time for a positive movement toward embracing and celebrating everything that makes us all smart and incredible.

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We can’t wait to see the magic you have in store for us!

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