About Us

Sarah and Amanda are best friends. They’ve written television together, created a web series together, and worked together in an office where they may or may not have worn costumes. But what has kept their friendship strong is continual support for each other as awesome ladies. That’s why they want to share that with the world!

After the election, both of us felt a strong desire to give back. And what better way than to share our wordsmithing abilities with the world? We wanted to create this space for promoting and encouraging amazing women to use their brain magic! Stay tuned for more articles, a video series, and interview with amazing and inspirational women.

Together, we are BFFs, but individually, we are:

Amanda Steinhoff

Hello, world! I’m Amanda Steinhoff, half the brain magic team.  I’m a writer of all things – TV, movies, novels, saucy birthday cards, scary feminist doodles, etc. I’m from Flint, Michigan, a place that instills you with a natural drive for activism and involvement.

I love to read and I love movies. Ever since I was a little girl, I noticed that lack of strong female characters in almost every media I came across. I’m glad to see that the world is finally STARTING to catch on to the idea that not only are women strong and smart and amazing, but there are a billion different kinds of strong, smart, and amazing women.

We are all complex.  For example, my two favorite hobbies are watching the most messed up horror movies I can find, and also collecting tiny Disney stuffed animals called tsum tsums.  Stereotype that, Hollywood!

One of my core values is the idea that women can do anything, and be anything – female writers, scientists, politicians, fire fighters. Women can be beautiful models who are also businesswomen, and they can be powerful mothers who also run for president.

And speaking of women running for president, after the election last year, I was getting really depressed about both the state of our country and the quasi-meaningless feelings of churning out empty Hollywood scripts.  For the first time, I felt I wanted and needed to do work that could help someone, specifically help women.

Thus, Brain Magic was created, with one of our main focuses being to spread female empowerment however possible and celebrate how magical it is to be a lady with a brain.

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Sarah Terry

My name is Sarah Terry. I was born in Carson City, Nevada to two Civil Engineers. Because of the nature of their work, we moved about every five years, and I attended five different schools. I’ve never been the most natural at making friends, so to keep myself occupied before I found a squad, I spent my time writing and building stories. My Barbie dolls had a more complex and convoluted storyline than Game of Thrones.

But eventually, I got some crazy girls to join me, and my stories started to take on a purpose. At the regional history fair, I was standing on a makeshift stage, reciting some of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s most iconic words.

“I would have girls regard themselves not as adjectives, but as nouns.”

I was 11, and my friends and I had written a play for the history fair competition in our district. We each played a different suffragette and walked the audience through some of the most important moments in women’s history. Even though I didn’t totally realize it at the time, that was the project that sparked my desire to tell badass women’s stories.

And since the election, I’ve been spending more time reading the news and more time online. And most importantly, I’ve spent more time talking to my best friend about everything that’s going on in the world. But since there still aren’t enough places online where smart women can go to find content for them, we decided to create it for ourselves.

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