About Nicole Bidolli!

Hey there! My name is Nicole Bidolli, a guest writer for Brain Magic. Being adopted from South Korea into a Greek Orthodox family, with an Italian last name comes with many hidden talents and culture. Not to mention hilarious stories and experiences because of my unique background.

I grew up in Troy, Michigan but am currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for my graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying to receive an M.S. in Health, Physical Activity, and Chronic Disease! Which can be generalized to evidence-based programming to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles. My passions are working towards eliminating childhood obesity, one step at a time (literally), and aquatic fitness.

Staying active throughout my life has kept me grounded, healthy, and truly taught me to be a team player. I hope to help educate and inform you readers about women’s health issues so we can work as a team to empower women and break down health barriers. Self care and your health are vital to become the kick ass women we all strive to be!