15 Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Smart Lady in Your Life

Ever since I was a kid, getting and giving gifts has been serious business to me. My brother and I waited excitedly for the JCPenny holiday catalogue to arrive, which usually included about 50 pages of potential toy options. I remember I would carefully pore over the colorful pages, knowing I could pick one special thing to be my “Santa gift.”

One year, I got a cardboard trunk full of dress-up clothes. Another year, I got a huge art set with colored pencils, paint, and drawing pencils. It was so exciting for me, and I took that level of excitement to adulthood – I love making the people in my life feel that excited about their gifts from me. But some years, I just cannot come up with the right ideas. That’s why I often rely on the awesome internet gift list to get my ideas flowing.

So this year, we decided to offer you a Brain Magic list, geared specifically for the smart lady in your life. Particularly after the year we’ve had, now would be a perfect time to celebrate the beautiful brains of the awesome ladies in your life! We’ve got tons of ideas for you, and if you get one for a friend, let us know about it!

Gifts for book lovers.

1. Book subscription box.

If you don’t necessarily feel like you can curate a book collection for your well-read friends, why not let an expert do it? A book subscription box usually features books and goodies curated by authors and experts for the true book lover. Try Page Habit’s Quarterly Literary Box, $49.99, delivered every 3 months. Or The Bookish Box, which delivers monthly and features a number of different subscription options that include books, shirts, and literary accessories.

2. A classic or signed edition of her favorite book.

When I was in college, my boyfriend at the time actually went so far as to look up “First Edition Pride & Prejudice” as a gift idea. Once he saw the price (usually in the millions), he realized that might not be the best direction. But it’s the right idea. Finding a new book the literary lady in your life hasn’t read may feel impossible, so why not get her a one-of-a-kind copy of a book she loves?

3. Kindle or other E-Reader

Many book lovers have remained staunchly committed to printed books. And we love that. But for things like travel, an e-reader can really save space and weight. And they’re not so expensive that they’ll feel they have to use it all the time. This touchscreen Kindle is only $79.99. Or you can get the very cool looking (but pricier) waterproof Kindle for $249.99.

4. Fancy Scrabble

Lit-loving ladies usually have quite the way with words, which makes them excellent Scrabble players. That’s why any wordsmith will love a fancier version of this classic game. This version from Restoration Hardware is particularly spendy at $225, but there are others if that’s a little too rich for your blood, this version on Amazon for $99 also looks fabulous.

Gifts for STEM mavens.

5. Women of NASA Lego Set

Brain Magic Admin | Brain Magic

Because nobody is too old to play with Legos! Especially when they’re this feminist and awesome! This highly-anticipated set would make a fun desk accessory (and boredom buster) for any STEM-loving lady. You can find it in toy stores everywhere for $24.99.


6. DNA Portrait

Blend art and science together in this one-of-a-kind print of an individuals DNA. It’s not only fantastically nerdy, but it also looks great. Small portraits start at $199 from dna 11.

7. Micro:Bot Kit


Know a lady who loves her some robots? Help her create a micro robot with this Micro:Bot Kit from SparkFun. You can find this kit for $59.99, and other kits for the Micro:bit board as well.

8. Light-Up Scarf Materials to Make Wearable Tech

Brain Magic Admin | Brain Magic

Fashion can be beautiful, functional, and totally technological. Don’t just get a smart lady a scarf like so many others will. Get her the materials to create and LED light up scarf. This glowing design will keep her warm and visible at night, plus it’s got some extra tech flare that a STEM/STEAM lady loves. You can find the tutorial here as well as a list of all the necessary components.

Gifts for artists and makers.

9. Astropad

Make any smart lady’s art totally high-tech with Astropad, which allows you to use your iPad as a second touchscreen monitor. Then, she can use her stylus to get those details right that are tough to nail with a traditional mouse. Astropad is available for most tablets for $29.99.

10. Travel Easel

Sometimes artists need to create on the go. The En Plein Travel Easel is a top lightweight easel perfect fort the artist who wants to paint and travel. You can buy the whole package including a backpack for $159.99.

11. Shinola Sketch Book

Every artist needs a place to doodle, and it’s much more fun in a classy notebook like this. This sketch book features a hard cover and art paper designed to work with all different mediums. You can find it on their website for $28.00.

Activity gifts that won’t add clutter to a smart lady’s life.

12. Local Museum Membership

Memberships to local museums make great gifts. Show a smart lady you care without adding to the clutter by giving her a year to explore all the art, science, history, etc. she desires!

13. Lumosity Membership

Did you know that an app can make you smarter? Lumosity is the brain-training app that every smart lady needs in her life. This fun app’s games aren’t just fun, they’ll actively improve your brain function, and we all need the occasional brain magic workout. Individual plans start as low as $3.00/month if you buy 2 years all at once.

14. Tickets to a local TEDx event

If you know a smart lady interested in thought leadership, then she might love attending one of the hundreds of TEDx local events around the globe. Nab her tickets to an event in her area by searching their website here.

15. Music Lessons

Clem Onojeghuo

When we were in school, many of us learned an instrument. But into adulthood, those skills may have faded away. However, learning music is great for your brain, so it’s a great way to give the smart lady in your life a new way to express herself.

What are you getting your favorite smart lady this holiday season?

Let us know in the comments.

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    Love this list! I can’t wait until there’s a PageHabit kids section.

    • Brain Magic Admin says:

      Thanks for the read! And yes, hopefully PageHabit creates a kids section. But until then, Lillypost has a great picture book box for young kids. And OwlCrate Jr. is a great box for kids 8-12.

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